Corporate moving services to keep your business going

Corporate Moves

Are you an employee that needs to relocate or a company that needs to be shifted to a new location? Count us in.

We at Packout Pros, understand your relocation needs due to career or corporate changes. We can create a customized Corporate Move plan that will suit your budget, complete your needs, and provide you with quality and safe customer service.

If you are an employee moving to another location for a new project, we can take care of your moving and packing needs. If you need a storage facility to shift some of your work items we can also accommodate that in our corporate move plan.

If you are moving along with your team members, we will take care of ensuring that the entire team arrives at the new location on time and budget assigned to us.

Packing service for corporate moves

The corporate move requires moving lots of important items from one location of the company to another. For this reason, we have an unparalleled packing service included in the corporate move plan.

Our packing services include

Full Packing Services

We provide a highly professional packing team that will take care of all the important belongings of your company. We will take care of your shifting while you focus on your work schedules.

Partial Packing Service

You decide which items or department you want us to help in packing and which you can handle yourself.

Unpacking Service

We can help you to unpack and set all the items as we packed from your old office, while you take your sweet time to settle in.

Cleaning and Trash Removal

If you are going to need cleaning services you can call us anytime before we deliver all your belongings to a new location. We will help you to remove all the packing related materials.

Storage facilities for corporate moves

Packout Pros is fully capable of handling any of your storage needs related to a corporate move. We provide short term as well as long term storage facilities for corporate movers while they are still searching for new houses.

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