Move with the help of a local moving expert

Local Moves

Moving to a new town? We will be with you to make sure you have a swift and safe transition.

Packout Pros is specialized at providing local moving and storage facilities. Local moves are within a short distance or nearby areas in the same state. If items are being moved to long distances but within the same state, it will be considered an Intrastate move. If the transportation crosses the state border, it will be called interstate moves. Intrastate and Interstate moves might be considered as long-distance moves.

Our local agent will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and guide you with the moving and transportation process.

If you want to partially move your items, need to renovate your new home, or need to make more before moving your items, we can also provide you with a temporary or long term storage facility.


The cost of local moves will depend on the below factors

How far are you moving

Number of personnel needed to move your belongings

The time needed to complete the moving

Size of the house

Packing boxes and materials needed

Need packing or already packed your belongings

Truck accessibility from house

Heavy items, Fixed/ Delicate or Hard to move items

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